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Reasons Why Demand For Marco Island Bike Rental Surged Post COVID

Reasons Why Demand For Marco Island Bike Rental Surged Post COVID

Electric bicycles, well known as e-bikes, are an up-and-coming technology that has gained  widespread use in various parts of the world. However, the e-bike industry is still in an early  development phase, with substantial room for expansion worldwide. With increased demand,  the

concept of Marco Island bike rental was introduced to Marco Island to meet the demand of  commuters.

From 2019 the demand for e-bikes is envisioned to surge at a rapid rate in numerous  countries including the U.S.,

E-Bike Market Growth

The e-bike market growth is driven by

  • Growing traffic congestion,
  • Increased interest in cycling as a fitness and recreational activity, and
  • The inclination of drivers toward an easy, eco-friendly solution for commuting.

E Bikes are popular in Marco Island due for seeing our beautiful beaches and generally  sightseeing.

Reasons We Saw A Surge In Bike Rental Post Pandemic

Riding an e-bike is the same as riding a regular bike , but with the added boost of an electric  motor. And

having this motor with pedal assist has a few advantages.

Better Mental Health

E-bikes make cycling a more accessible experience. People are more likely to prefer it because  it is

easier (a workout with less effort).Riding an e-bike gets people moving .  This movement, change in scenery, and fresh air improve mood, reduce  stress, supply more restful sleep, and increase productivity as well.

Improved Physical Health

People may think that since the bike is electric and needs less to no effort to ride, and its not  an exercise.

However, thats not true. A reliable study uncovered that those who ride electric bikes  experience

nearly as much exercise as those who ride mountain bikes without sensing that they have had  a

strenuous workout.

The reality is that even with pedal assist, the riders still have to pedal, which uses calories. Its a  a cardiovascular exercise that helps build endurance and muscle.

The Bottom Line!

You may be excited about your e-bike ride. Call us or book directly online at